About BOPX

BOPX designs and manufactures technologically advanced hydrostatic testing equipment and software. Primarily focused on improving the safety and economics of BOP testing, both onshore and offshore, Ei has developed several patent pending innovations specifically targeting the deficiencies associated with current hydrostatic testing. The innovative hydrostatic testing equipment and software, some of which have been jointly developed with Shell International Exploration and Production Company, utilizes extremely precise pressure control and volume measurement of the intensification fluid required to reach a test pressure and maintain a test pressure. This test methodology provides for a direct measurement of the leak rate and the apparent compressibility of the entire pressurized system. This is opposed to the traditional method of Pressure Decay hydrostatic testing which is an indirect indicator of a leak subject to compressibility and flexibility influences. All of Ei’s hydrostatic test systems are also capable of performing a traditional pressure decay hydrostatic test. Ei also offers a complete line of linear high pressure intensification pumps and low pressure circulation pumps for oil and gas and industrial applications. Read more on the two different testing methodologies in pressure testing.