BOPX EZ Test Offshore

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The BOPX EZ Test Offshore System features the patent pending technologically advanced BOPX EZ Test System which is a more cost effective, safer, and faster way to perform hydrostatic pressure testing of BOP stacks.  The advanced algorithms of the BOPX EZ Test System monitors certain test parameters such as apparent air volume, apparent compressibility, intensification volume, and decay rate to ensure the test does not exceed established safe limits. Automation within the BOPX EZ Test System provides for precise pressure control eliminating the tedious task of manually controlled pressurization and the time that can be associated with this task. The BOPX EZ Test system utilizes robust oilfield proven technologies that require little maintenance.  This system requires no special training and does not require highly technical personnel to operate; reducing operating costs. 

The BOPX EZ Test Offshore System consists of two BOPX EZ Test Skidded Systems efficiently integrated to provided increased capacity as well as fully redundant operation. The BOPX EZ Test Offshore System is electrically powered.  Operation and reporting functions are performed via the BOPX EZ Test Control System that is conveniently stored in a robust Pelican case.   The BOPX EZ Test Control System is portable and can be operated from the unit or from a remote location on the rig. The BOPX EZ Test Control System can also interface with our BOPX EZ Build and BOPX EZ Report software.  For additional information regarding our Offshore System or any other Ei products please don’t hesitate to contact us.