BOPX Training Course

BOPX Training Course

BOPX Inc offers a one day BOPX Training Course that focuses on our EZ Chart and EZ Build software platforms.  Training is open to all of our customers and those who operate these systems for them.

Increase Knowledge to Improve Efficiency

Your equipment is only as good as the operator thus the importance of proper personnel training.  Our in-house training course consists of virtual simulation of a BOP test in a classroom setting.  Each student has the opportunity to utilize BOPX EZ Build and EZ Chart software allowing our customers to familiarize themselves even better with the equipment through the course content and instruction.  This hands-on training allows participants to gain knowledge and skill in a controlled environment, learning the essentials that will be applied to real world field experience.

A typical class will include hands-on experience “building up” a BOP stack and associated manifold and valves in EZ Build. Then the student will apply various test plans to the BOP stack ensuring efficient and complete tests of the BOP stack and associated manifold and valves are performed. Next through our EZ Chart software the student will begin the simulated BOP pressure tests.  Once the tests are complete, the student will then load the test information into EZ Build where a high quality BSEE accepted report is generated.

Course Objectives

Build & plan a hydrostatic test
Perform hydrostatic test
Prepare and generate final report

BOPX Inc is dedicated to our customers ensuring they make the most out of their investment, providing the resources and knowledge to get the maximum performance out of their equipment. For more information regarding the BOPX Training Course please feel free to contact us at 936-756-2020.