Decision Making Matrix

There are some things in life we do on a daily basis.  Decision making is one of them.  It can be as simple as what do I want for lunch today or on the other end of that spectrum down to the most complicated decision one has to make in life.  Decision making can be a daunting task especially if your emotions are evolved.  Other factors that can complicate the decision making process are uncertainty, risks, and/or alternatives.

Taking a systematic approach to decision making can help to mitigate all the above factors.  When decision making it is important to engage your problem-solving skills and get all the facts.  Often times we may not make the best decision because the alternative was not clear or presented to us.  Working through a process systematically can take the overwhelming feeling out of the equation.

Creating a worksheet that contains the alternatives and the weight of each option can help you to make a good informed decision.  When filling out this worksheet there are several things to keep in mind.  Make sure you cover all alternatives.  Dig deep for even the unforeseen.  Once you have your alternatives you will want to put down the deciding factors of each decision.  This can be tricky, be sure to explore your options.  Each factor should be weighed by importance, risk, and any implications it may carry.  After establishing the weight each factor, you will want to rate how well the option satisfies the factor.

Creating a worksheet, forms a logical process of which one can come to an important decision by seeing all critical elements needed for a successful outcome.  Click here to run your own decision making matrix.