EZ Press


The BOPX EZ Test systems have the capability of running two different hydrostatic pressure testing methods.  One is the standard pressure decay method and the other is the newly developed EZ Press which is a constant pressure – variable volume method. The EZ Press method maintains a constant pressure on the test volume and measures the fluid volume injected into the system to maintain that pressure.  This method provides an actual leak rate measurement.  By measuring the leak rate you are measuring the object of the test as opposed to the standard pressure decay which measure the RESULT not the object.  Additionally, EZ Press mitigates the mechanical effects normally experienced with standard pressure decay test which reduces test times.

EZ Press can quickly detect a leak without having to wait the 5 or 10 minutes typical of a standard pressure decay test. EZ Press can potentially save an average of 5-7 minutes in a test time.  This time savings can quickly equate to significant savings in the cost associated with BOP testing.  When searching for new testing equipment the BOPX EZ Test system is an EZ decision. For more information on EZ Test with EZ Press or any other Ei products please contact us today.