Wireless Pressure Test

EZ Chart Lite

Wireless Pressure Test

Imagine adding convenience without compromising the accuracy of a pressure test.  Through wireless communication from one device to another a wireless pressure test can be accomplished.  Our Bluetooth pressure transducer meets the rigorous demands of a standard pressure transducer while also providing for remote monitoring and data collection.

Bluetooth Pressure Transducer

Our wireless pressure transmitter is a battery powered, self-contained pressure transducer with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy wireless output. This device can reach distances up to 200ft. and measure pressure values from 0-1psi thru 8820psi.  The built-in memory allows for data logging of measurement values to be stored and downloaded for future use. To conserve battery life the device is equipped with a power savings / sleep mode when the device is not transmitting data.  The data can be downloaded via our EZ Chart system.  EZ Chart system models range from a standalone tablet up to a fully featured communication enabled multi-channel system.  The EZ Chart systems store critical test results into log files saved in CSV format that are utilized for report generation in conjunction with our EZ Build software.  This software produces high quality objective reports of the entire BOP test as well as any offline testing of ancillary valves or manifolds.  As an alternative reporting source the CSV file can be downloaded into excel for a simplistic report format at no additional cost.  Our charting software is flexible and can be tailored to best fit most applications.

The Bluetooth pressure transducer is ideal for any short-range pressure measurement and remote data logging applications, particularly in applications where there is limited power source, trip harzards due to cabling and or wiring, and where remote onboard measurements are required.

Please contact us for more information regarding a wireless pressure test or any other BOPX solutions.