Digital Torquing Solutions

BOPX is utilizing one of the most innovative digital torquing systems available providing operators with the control & accuracy that analog systems cannot deliver while giving management global live viewing & extensive reporting data.

Equipment rental can be modular to fit specific customer or rig requirements

Commander XT1000

Rugged, handheld device paired with a Bluetooth pressure gauge for real-time flange data collection, user-defined/customizable bolt pattern management, and password enabled roles and privileges. Contains a camera allowing pictures in reports, a 3G/4G connection to upload data to the cloud software, and wifi capable.

Commander XT2000

Connects via Bluetooth & allows wireless control of pump pressure with a 0.05% accuracy & gives operators the ability to make on the fly pressure adjustments.

With the utilization of a hi-res camera, GPS, barcode and RFID scanning, Bluetooth, WIFI, and 3G-4G cellular, almost all data collection scenarios are possible.

Commander Software

Administrative control center creation of assembly jobs, maintaining libraries of pertinent information, and the storage and reporting of all collected data.

  • Digital Torquing software to build jobs, record data, and issue reports.
  • Global live viewing and data/report generation.
  • Cloud storage allows access to previous projects.
  • Extensive library of bolt materials, size, coatings, lubricants, flange patterns, torque pumps, and powerheads.
  • Identifies out-of-spec issues, provides job status, and operator performance.


BOPX and SUBC is one of the world’s leading subsea service organizations with highly experienced subsea personnel. Torquing personnel to perform:


  • BOPX Specialist. Manages personnel, responsible for quality control
  • Operates the handled commander XT2000
  • Records and inputs data to the cloud across the entire project
  • SUBC USA LLC Subsea Engineers. Performs physical torquing labor
  • Can perform Subsea Engineers duty as needed