The EZ Build software is a standalone program designed to quickly and efficiently allow engineers and technicians to build visually enabled blowout preventer testing sequences. The software has a library of typical blowout preventer associated components and control devices that can be dragged and dropped into the working area of the program. Each component of the blowout preventer assembly is uniquely identified within the software and allows for input of critical properties such as serial number, model number, maximum allowable pressure, and volume that can be utilized to track and verify the hydrostatic pressure test. Once the engineer or technician is satisfied with the configuration of the assembly they can build up the testing plan. They can then simulate the entire blowout preventer test to ensure that all components have been tested at the correct pressure and in the correct sequence.


The EZ Build software will verify that every component is included in the test and that the maximum pressure rating of an individual component is not exceeded.


Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive interface
  • Familiar windows functionality
  • Simplifies test plan building